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Hill Lily Magazine is a publication for women and femmes who homestead, live and build off-grid, farm, practice animal husbandry and land stewardship, and explore sustainable womanhood. Hill Lily aims to be a big pot for the ‘stone soup’ of your wisdom, dreams, trials, recipes, useful tips, instructions, craft, building blueprints, maps, beloved book recommendations, stories, photos, art, poems, songs, and lore. Whether you live on forty acres in the woods with no electricity or have an herb garden and a few backyard chickens in the city, or simply love nature, craft, and food, this is a zine to connect you with other resilient babes.

Editor: Daisy Greenberg

Layout & Design: Abigail Dack and Holly White

Cover illustrations: Holly White


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Issue i: Grain Moon

This issue of Hill Lily is fat with information and reverence for the cycles of earth. It includes recipes for slow-cooked pig heart and Manzanita cider…

Issue ii: Cold Moon

Cozy up with this winter issue inside the darkest night and enjoy recipes to warm your bones, how to make fire cider, tips on…

Issue iii: Milk Moon

Spring is a time of coming up into the world from winter’s womb. Persephone makes the journey back into the bright world from Hades; lovers…

Issue iv: Harvest Moon

The themes of the Hunter’s Moon issue are considering our ancestors, awe of death, and hunting and harvesting the resources we need to fortify…