Hunter’s Moon Submission Guidelines

Contributors maintain full rights to all printed pieces.


The fall issue of Hill Lily, Hunter’s Moon, will come into print during the first or second week in October, barring unforeseen obstacles. Hunter’s Moon is the Farmer’s Almanac’s name for the October full moon, as it was a time for hunting game to store for the winter. This issue’s themes include considering our ancestors, awe of death, and hunting and harvesting the resources we need to carry us through the dark time, whether that’s literally hunting and preserving meat and storing vegetables, or, more figuratively, ways in which we fortify ourselves for times of emotional scarcity. If you have a photograph or bit of history from someone who has passed away, with maybe a bit about them or something they taught you, especially but not necessarily land/homestead/DIY related, this issue is partially an altar for our dead. I am not too strict about these themes as I don’t want them to limit or discourage you; anything that calls to you during the autumn season is great: ghost stories, fall garden recipes, tutorials on food preservation, etc.

Submission Types

Creative Writing, Photography, Recipes, Craft Tutorials, Blueprints, Farm Tips, Illustration, Collage, Tall Tales, Confession, Anything Your Grandma Told You, Songs, Folklore. Hill Lily aims to be a patchwork quilt of wisdom, art, and practical information from a diverse slew of badass future-grandmothers. So whatever is your fancy. IF you have a book recommendation related to homesteading, nature, land management, or sustainable womanhood, please include!! Note – I have been shorter on craft and recipe than I’d like in previous issues, so if you have any of that up your sleeve, wonderful.

Submission Guidelines

Multiple submissions and multi-media submissions are fine.

Written pieces should not exceed 8 pages.

Send up to 4 photographs.

All images will be black and white, so keep that in mind.

Please try to ensure that images are print-quality resolution, meaning somewhere between 150 and 300dpi. I know this is confusing sometimes, but we can work together if you can’t figure out how to check… however, do utilize Google first, cuz I have a baby and not a ton of free time!

Send submissions to with your name and submission title in the subject bar. Please include in your email the name you’d like to be credited with, along with any business, website, social media handle, etc you want to include. Also a book recommendation! Did I mention a book recommendation? J

Important Note

Some folks get intimidated by the idea of submitting their stuff to a magazine. This is not intended to be a high-art journal. It has more of the feel of looking through your grandmother or favorite aunt’s box of special things and gathering snippets of her conversation while she whirlwind-cleans the kitchen and cooks your favorite food. Don’t be afraid. But do double-check spelling. ;)

Submission Deadline

September 25. I encourage you to set an alert so that time doesn’t get away with you. I love nudging folks, but these days I don’t have ton of time for that. BUT if it’s a matter of sending something a day late or not sending it at all, I would much prefer to receive it!


With Love on the Edge of Autumn,

Daisy, Chief Editor